QLD Registered Name: Cairns Cook Islands Christian Church Association Inc.


60-62 Hardy Road, Mt Sheridan, Queensland, Australia

Postal Address

P.O. Box 518, Edmonton, Queensland 4869, Australia

Office Bearers

Minister: Rev Tapaitau Marsters
Secretary: Mr Ruhau Isaia
Assistant: Mr Teva Mita
Treasurer: Mr Dane Rasmussen
Assistant: Mr Miimetua Mariri
Deacons Secretary: Mr Kau Pirara
Assistant: Mr Teano Paulo


Deacons (Diakono)
Mr Ruhau Isaia
Mr Dane Rasmussen
Mr Mahuta Meremere
Mr Nga Taruia
Mr Tereni Tereni
Mr Kau Pirara
Mr Teva Mita
Mr Hato Taia
Mr Miimetua Mariri
Mr Ngatuaine Ngametua
Mr Vaine Nicholas
Mr Teano Paulo
Mr Nikoia Faireka
Mr William Ford
Mr Joel Marsters
Mr Teaurere Teaurere
Mr Mose Tau
Mr Jimmy Marsters
Mr Mahuta Tapaitau
Mr Terii Teaurere
Mr Tinau John
Mr Makikore Nikau
Mr William Tapaitau

Mr Mararau Parau Taia
Mr Tuaine Terekia

Theological Students (Apiianga) in Takamoa
Mr & Mra Kapu Marsters
Mr & Mrs Vuya Peau

Womens Fellowship (Vaine Tini)
Mama Orometua - Mrs Atea Taime
Mama Tauturu Orometua – Mrs Pani Tai
Secretary: Mrs Tikivare Teaurere
Assistant: Mrs Tetuariki Mariri
Treasurer: Mrs Manuare Marsters
Assistant: Mrs Tihau Ngatuaine
Representative to the Deacons (Mata ki roto i te Uipaanga Diakono): Mr Mahuta Meremere

Sunday School (Apii Sabati)
Principal: Mr Mike Tetamanu
Assistant: Mr Luka Terekia
Secretary: Mrs Teurunau Ben
Assistant: Mr Uirere Matara
Treasurer: Mrs Mama Ani Tetamanu
Teachers (Puapii Sabati):
Mr Mike Tetamanu
Mrs Mama Ani Tetamanu
Mr Hurikapu Ben
Mrs Teurunau Ben
Mr Uirere Matara
Mrs Akasauriri Matara
Mr Sonny Taime
Mrs Hainganoa Taime
Mr Luka Terekia
Mrs Milo Terekia
Ms Tarere Maretu
Volunteer Teachers:
Ms Anderline Mahuta
Miss Matasausau Faireka
Mr Benjamin Taruia
Representative to the Deacons (Mata ki roto i te Uipaanga Diakono): Mr Nga Taruia

Christian Youth (Pupu Mapu)
President: Mr Uirere Matara
Assistant President: Mr Maruroa Saitu
Secretary: Miss Terea-arii Vaiari Rasmussen
Assistant Secretary: Ms Anderline Mahuta
Treasurer: Miss Louisa Marsters
Additional Committee Members:
Mr Luka Terekia
Mr Rangatira Terai
Mr Brother Maccauley
Mr Mike Tetamanu
Ms Tiare Meremere
Miss Paatoru Paulo
Miss Uirangi Terekia
Miss Apakura Terekia
Representative to the Deacons (Mata ki roto i te Uipaanga Diakono): Mr Ruhau Isaia



The first Cook Islands church service in Cairns was held in 1992. Some of the members at that time was Mr. Mahuta Tai the assistant minister of the Ekalesia today, and Mr. Ruhau Isaia the secretary of the Ekalesia today. Some of the CICC Ministers who visited the area at the time were the Rev. Ivirangi Ben Marsters and Rev. Singapu Faireka

In 1996 Rev. Uzziah Taruia began worshipping with the local Cook Islanders in Cairns. On 5 May 1997 the first CICC service was held in the Uniting Church in Westcourt, one of the suburbs of Cairns. This was then known as the Westcourt Ekalesia. The Ekalesia then registered itself with the Queensland Government on 16 July 1998, the registered name being the “Cairns Cook Islands Christian Church Association Incorporated”. The reason for registering was that the members decided to start a building project for a church and a hall. The Rev. Rakoroa Taia was ordained as a minister in 2002 and became the minister of the Ekalesia after the retirement of Rev. Uzziah Taruia in 2003. Rev. Taia served in the Westcourt Ekalesia until 2007 when he was rotated to the Balaclava Ekalesia

At the start of 2006 the Ekalesia negotiated with the builder Glenwood Homes to build a church and hall. The opening of the church (known as Ziona) and the hall (called Lady Penrhyn), was conducted by the CICC President, Rev. Tangimetua Tangatatutai, on 23 December 2006. The Ekalesia is now known as Mt Sheridan Ekalesia, the name of the suburb where the Ekalesia is located. Rev. David Teaurere is the minister of the Ekalesia from 2007 until now.


Management in the church comprises the Minister as chairperson for all meetings except departmental ones. The overall administrator is the Secretary, assisted by the Assistant Secretary and the Deacon‘s meeting. The Treasurer looks after the church’s finances and reports regularly to church meetings and the monthly Deacons meetings. The church follows the TOR for the CICC which is contained in the CICC Manual


There are 4 departments; Deacons Meeting, Sunday School, Women’s Fellowship, and Christian Youth. Each department has its own regular programs and activities which, except for the first, are linked to those at the national level


All departments hold regular individual meetings to monitor the progress of their own programs. The parish as a whole has a combined meeting at the end of every 3 months. In these quarterly meetings, developments in each of the departments are reported, as well as reports from the Minister, Secretary, Treasurer, and the Deacon’s group. Irregular meetings are also convened as and when the need arises


Religion is very much a way of life for most Cook Islanders irrespective of their denomination. Church-goers cherish this a lot and portray it in the way they dress and attend services. On communionSunday, men wear white suits and women wear white dresses. During the actual services, the following are observed:
• Quietness at all times unless part-taking in the hymns
• No cameras & video are to be used inside the church
• Mobile phones are to be turned off
• Casual wear (singlets, shorts, etc.) is not preferred
• Ziona (Church Building) has its own set of rules including the above listed. These rules are read out to the congregation on the first Sunday in February each year and are strictly adhered to and enforced by the Deacons. The rules are required in order that the services in Ziona are holy and everyone is focused on respect and worship of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit


The CICC follows the Scripture Union Bible Reading Plan which sets out daily scripture readings. It is quite common for all services to be based on the day’s reading. Sermons are conducted in the local language (Cook Is Maori), unless visitors are present in which case the Minister makes a brief translation of his message in English. No other foreign language is used.

Sermons are prepared and presented by the Minister, Assistant Minister and any visiting Minister or Assistant Minister from outside the Ekalesia. Deacons and fully ordained members of the church are utilized during the Pre-Sermon (or “Tiaki Kaingakai”). Only men are allowed to conduct the combined services

Regular Church Services

Normal church services are as follows:
  • Early service (tiaki kaingakai): 11:30 am
  • Sunday main service: 12:30pm
Other/special services include the following:
  • Pre-Easter (Holy communion for the entire church members) held every Thursday evening (7:00pm) before Good Friday
  • Friday: 11:30am (Clothing Black)
  • Easter Sunday: 11:30 am / 12:30 pm (Clothing white)
  • Christmas Eve: 11:00 pm
  • Christmas Day: 11:30 am
  • New Y ears Eve: 11:00 pm
  • New Y ears Day: 11:30 am
  • NY 1st Week (Pure Ebedoma): 05:30 pm (Mon - Fri)
  • Weddings: 11:00 am (Saturdays)
  • Funeral Service:11:00 am (as required)

Order of Sunday Main Service

The order of the main service (12.30pm Sundays) is as follow:
• Notices and announcements
• Offering and its dedication
• Invocation
• Sunday School hymn (imene Apii Sabati)
• Prayer of confession/Lord’s prayer
• Bible Reading
• Traditional hymn (himene tumu)
• Bible Reading
• Prayer of Thanksgiving/intercession
• Traditional hymn
• Sermon
• Sunday School hymn
• V esper

A normal service of the above order runs for about an hour, with the actual sermon taking from 15-25 minutes. Variations of the above order happen during special services. Functions and ceremonies are also held in the church, for example baptism, marriage, bereavement service


Seating is arranged in 3 rows, with the Sunday School taking up the front half of the seating. The back half is made up of two groups in the Ekalesia, one on each side and the middle row are for visitors

Other Information

Mt. Sheridan Ekalesia is a member of the CICC of Australia Church Council and participates in all programs and activities organized by this council. The Ekalesia is also a member of the North Queensland Church Council, with Townsville and Balaclava Ekalesias the other members. Furthermore, it complies with the resolutions passed by the CICC General Assembly. It has 3 properties (refer to the below pictures) ; Church Building (Ziona), Hall (Lady Penrhyn) and the minister’s residence (Peura). There is also a bell tower in the middle of Ziona and Lady Penrhyn, called “Peniela .”

The Lady Penrhyn Hall is used by the entire Cook Islands Community in Cairns for birthdays, marriages, hosting visiting churches and other church activities. Important visitors hosted by the hall in recent times include; visit by the former Cook Islands Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Dr Terepai Maoate, Prime Minister Hon. Jim Marurai, and the Cook Islands Rugby League team that defeated the Samoan Rugby League team when they played in Cairns in 2010.

The Ekalesia paid off its bank loan in October 2012 and is now debt free.



Contact for more Information

Reverend: Tapaitau Marsters
Ph: (617) 40363145
Treasurer: Dane Rasmussen
Phone: (617) 4036 2686
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.