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Greetings and kia orana brothers and sisters in Christ,

As we come to the end of another year, we as Christians can reflect on the Lord’s love and blessings on each and every one of us throughout the year. We learn from Job that despite the highs and lows we have experienced this year, we nevertheless acknowledge and give thanks to Him always, the source of our existence. It is also a time when we think of our loved ones – friends, relatives – who have passed on but their memories remain with us. In our belief and faith in the Lord, there will come a time when we shall be reunited with them and with Him also.

On behalf of my Executive and members of the Cook Islands Christian Church here in the Cook Islands, New Zealand and Australia, not forgetting our 2 ministers serving in Tahiti, we extend to you all a joyous Christmas and may the New Year 2015 be peaceful, productive and much better than the one we are about to leave behind. 

Kia orana e kia manuia.
Rev. Tuaine Ngametua
CICC President

About the Cook Islands Christian Church

Wednesday, 05 October 2011 04:41

The London Missionary Society (LMS) introduced Christianity into the Cook Islands in 1821.

In 1965 the LMS operations ended in the country which heralded in the creation of the Cook Islands Christian Church (CICC) and assumed management of church activities formerly performed by the LMS.

 It has a constitution passed by Parliament in 1968, which was updated in 2003. From its humble beginnings, it now has 22 branches in the Cook Islands, 20 in New Zealand and 18 in Australia.

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