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Greetings and kia orana brothers and sisters in Christ,

You are now on the website of the Cook Islands Christian Church, thank you for wanting to know more about us. We have been in existence since 1821, but on the internet since February 2011, which means we are a relatively newcomer to this particular component of IT, and therefore still learning.

You will find useful information on this site about us and some of the things we do. The history and background of the church is at the bottom of this page as well as in the CICC drop-down, our publications and other materials we produce you will find in the resources drop-down, and there are photos galore you can glance through in the photo gallery.

Since the CICC is a newcomer to this method of communication, you may find some gaps as not all of what we intended to put onto this website are on yet; we look forward to receiving the outstanding data from our members for inclusion and thus filling in the gaps on this website. Meantime we only have the Girl Guides in our Youth Dept; we also have 2 other uniform organisations (Boys’ Brigade and Girls Brigade), a Christian Youth Group, and 50 other parishes in the Cook Islands, New Zealand and Australia whose webpages are not yet on; they will be included as soon as they come in.

Whatever your beliefs are, I trust that you will find our website informative despite the current gaps. We appreciate any views you might have that will improve the presentation of this website. Please email them directly to the General Secretary on ciccgs@oyster.net.ck
Kia orana e kia manuia.
Rev. Tuaine Ngametua
CICC President

About the Cook Islands Christian Church

Wednesday, 05 October 2011 04:41

The London Missionary Society (LMS) introduced Christianity into the Cook Islands in 1821.

In 1965 the LMS operations ended in the country which heralded in the creation of the Cook Islands Christian Church (CICC) and assumed management of church activities formerly performed by the LMS.

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