Main Road, Titikaveka, Rarotonga, Cook Islands
Phone: 27110
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CICC Vision

To worship and serve God, and to make Jesus known to All people.

Church Vision

“To Build a Healthy and  Balanced Church and Embrace the Love of Christ to all People"

Church Executive

• Minister: Rev. Tereapii Matakere
• A/Minister: Moe Tutira
• Secretary: Ken Ben
• A/Secretary: Sonny Williams
• Treasurer: Edward Browne

• Fred Hosking
• Ken Ben


• Tuki Wright
• Pani Ben
• Naomi Iro
• Tuingariki (Tui) Short

Deacons (ness)


• Ken Ben
• Steven Ngapare
• Edward Browne
• Tutu Peter
• Tereapii Ben
• Epharahima Taokia

• Philadelphia Ngarua


• Fred Hosking
• Tapiti Taringa

• Tutai Matenga


• Denise Tangirere
• Junior Aererua


• Vaine Boaza
• Ravengakore Ravengakore



There are approximately 300 members in the village that belongs to the CICC and the church is prepared to conduct rescue mission in the village for salvation.


Betela is a living monument that serves as a reminder of the ways and beliefs introduced by early missionaries. For over a century it has defined and shaped the lives of its members and visitors. Situated in the heart of the village, Betela continues to draw and hold together the tight-knit community which is Titikaveka.

The church maintains an ever strong presence and continues to influence the daily life of the village. While the world changes around it, Betela stands strong successfully managing to blend tradition with the new ways that will keep both young and old true to the vision brought to us by the early Missionaries.


The Titikaveka Church Administration equips the church to do the work of the church in a consistent and widespread manner.  It is the guidance provided by church leaders as they lead the church to use its spiritual, human, physical, and financial resources to move the church toward achieving its objectives and fulfilling its purpose. Church Administration enables the people of God who make up the church to become and do what they can become and do, by God’s grace.


• Prayer
• Worship – Imene Tuki, Apii Sabati, Chorus
• Teaching
• Men
• Women
• Youth
• Sunday School
• Mercy and Care
• Uniform (Boys Brigade and Girl Guides)
• 5-Fold Ministry


The Church holds Quarterly Meetings during the year to monitor progress of the activities and address issues of concern. The meetings are held in March, June, September and December.

The Annual General Meeting is held in the month of December each year. All performance conduct in the year and work plan for the following year is also tabled in this meeting.

Where needed, Special Meetings are called to address specific issues needing the early attention of the Church. The various Ministries convene their own meetings as required throughout the year.


Jesus Christ the Head of the Church. The foundation of the Church is governed by the Bible. The Constitution and Manual are also guidelines to administration and operations.


The Sunday divine main service at 10.00am is carried out in both the Cook Islands and English languages. The dawn and afternoon services are in Cook Islands Maori but with some translation if there are visitors.