Te Puke Otara Community Centre,
Newbury St, Manukau.
Located in the Otara Leisure Centre complex,
Auckland, New Zealand


Minister: Rev. Charlie Okotai
1 Athelstan Place Otara,
Auckland 2023
Mob: 0225136727
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Assistant Minsiter: Upokoina Teao

Secretary: Mr. Tamuta Tamatoa,
29 Hain Ave
Mob: O2102881982
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Treasurer: Mr Panapa Tinirau
94 Flatbush Rd
Mob: 02109196629
Representative to CICC General Assembly Secretary,

Deacon’s Meeting: Deacon Mamakore Sione


  • 6 Elders
  • 5 Deacons
  • 30 regular adult members
  • 18 regular Sunday School students
  • 40 regular youth members
  • An estimated 40 others

We welcome and encourage visitors and new members to our church


Other Cook Islands Christian Churches in Otara evolved out of this church and therefore we are still in a rebuilding stage. Our membership is steadily increasing; in the past 5 years we have moved from a small crèche room to a study room and now into a hall. Each Sunday we are experiencing positive growth in terms of people attending church and enjoying the services and fellowship. We aim to move into our own church within the next 2 years.


The Minister is the chairperson for all meetings except departmental ones.

The Secretary is the overall administrator, assisted by the Assistant Secretary and the Deacon‘s meeting.

The Treasurer looks after the church’s finances and reports regularly to church meetings.

The church is guided by the CICC Manual and is developing its own Terms of Reference for internal use.


There are 5 departments in the Otara Central branch:
  • Deacons meeting
  • Womens' fellowship
  • Sunday school
  • Christian school
  • Uapou


All The church holds combined quarterly meetings. The minister, secretary and trasurer and all departments report their achievements and what their next stesps and goals will be.

Each department holds regular individual meetings to stipulate and endorse programmes and also assess and plan its progress and development


  • On communion Sundays, men wear white suits and women wear white dresses.
  • Good Friday service, basically black is worn.
  • Easter Sunday, white is worn.
  • Dress up clothes is expected to be worn during other services. Women are encouraged to wear dresses or skirts, and hats.
  • During the actual services, the following are observed:
  • Quietness at all times unless part-taking in the hymns.
  • Mobiles to be turned off.
  • After the services, feel free to chat with the Minister and members.


  • Otara Central follows the Scripture Union Bible Reading Plan which sets out daily scripture readings.
  • Sermons are prepared and presented by the Minister. These are conducted in Cook Island Maori, unless visitors are present in which case the Minister makes a brief translation of his message in English.
  • It is quite common for all services to be based on the day’s reading.
  • Whilst in the past only men were allowed to conduct services, women after attaining set standards, criteria and ranks, have recently been allowed to make presentations.
  • Certain types of services and sermons are earmarked for Ministers, Deacons and ordinary members only.

Regular Church Service


  • 9.00am Sunday School
  • 10.30 am Morning Service
  • 11.00 am Main Service
  • Rekapi (pre-communion): Last Sunday of each month
  • Oroa (holy communion): First Sunday of each month
  • Etene (post-communion): Second Sunday of each month
  • Teretere Apii Sabati: 3rd Sunday March
  • Easter April Pentecost: Teretere Vainetini 3rd Sunday of May
  • Teretere Mapu: 3rd Sunday of July
  • Teretere Uapou: 3rd Sunday of September
  • Christmas: As per calendar
  • New Year: As per calendar
  • Mothers’ Day: As per calendar
  • Fathers' Day: As per calendar

Order of Sunday Main Service

The order of the main service (11.00am Sundays) is as follows:
  1. Invocation
  2. Sunday School hymn 1 (Imene Apii Sabati)
  3. Prayer of confession/Lord’s prayer 1
  4. Bible reading 1
  5. Traditional hymn 1 (imene tuki)
  6. Bible reading 2
  7. Prayer of thanksgiving/intercession 2
  8. Notices and announcements
  9. Offering and its dedication
  10. Traditional hymn 2
  11. Sermon
  12. Sunday School hymn 2
  13. Vesper

The above order of service runs for about an hour.

Variations of the above order happen during special services, baptism and bereavement services.


Seating is arranged in 2 rows

The Youth and Sunday School on the left.
The rest on the right.

Visitors are welcomed and escorted to a seat where they are comfortable to sit.

Other Information

  • Otara Central is a member of the Auckland CICC Council, the Aotearoa CICC Council and the CICC General Assembly.
  • The church participates in all programmes and activities organized by these councils.
  • Furthermore, it complies with the resolutions passed by the CICC General Assembly.
  • It has a manse, and plans to have its own church building and hall

Contact for more Information

Minister: Rev. Jubilee Turama (caretaker)

Assistant Minister: Upokoina Teao
161 Preston Road, Otara, Manukau
Ph: 09 2740696
Mob: 0212630534
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view

Secretary: Mr. Tamuta Tamatoa
39 Hain Ave, Mangere East, Auckland
Ph 09 2763593
Mob: O2102881982
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view

Treasurer: Deacon Baniani Eiao
1 Bland Place, Otara, Manukau
Ph: 09 2746561
Assembly Rep